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Stop Email Spoofing or Forging of our email addresses

We, as well as other organisations, are sometimes the victims of spammers who are forging / spoofing our email addresses. This is a misrepresentation of our good name, which is totally beyond our control and we regret very much that we cannot stop it.

We do not send, and have never sent, spam email of any sort.

We strongly oppose the act of "spamming" or sending unsolicited commercial email (UCE). If you have received such spam email we apologise, but it was nothing to do with us and was beyond our control.


What is Email Spoofing? (Faking or Forging)

"Email Spoofing" is a recent nasty trend in spam. It is a practice used by many spammers to falsify the header information in their email advertisements. By changing the header information someone can make the email appear to come from whoever they choose.

By stealing the email or website identities of many people on the Internet, spammers are using them to send millions of pieces of junk advertising or offending emails.

A spoof email will look like it came from a genuine organisation, but with a made up name, in our case “xyztpc@axia-consulting.co.uk”


How You Can Help to Stop the Email Spoofing

If you receive spam emails that look like messages sent by axia-consulting.co.uk and you wish us to look into it, please:

1. Report the spoofed email to us at spoof-email@axia-consulting.co.uk

Send the original spoofed email as an attachment. (See the "send" menu of your email program). Sending the email as an attachment is the best way to preserve the "header information," which makes it easier for us to trace the true origin of the forgery.


Forward the email, and include the header information. To find the header information, configure your email program to show All Headers (this varies from program to program). For Internet Explorer you can:

  • right-click the unopened email in your inbox,
  • and then click "Options" to open the window that includes "Internet Headers."

To track the actual sender of a particular message, we need this "extended headers" information. If you simply forward an email message, the headers will be lost, so if you are reporting spam be sure to copy-and-paste the message header from the spam message and send it in the body copy of your email message.

Please note that we will not be able to respond to all of the email reports we receive.

2. Never respond to requests for personal information that may be contained in the forged email.

3. Please don't do anything which might result in axia-consulting.co.uk being wrongly labelled as a spammer.

Thank you for your help and understanding

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