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RFP / Request for Proposal Guidance

Summary of IT RFP guidance pages: RFP preparation and evaluation

RFP / RFI sample

An outline of the main components of a RFP / RFI (Request for Proposal / Information). Click here for details.


RFP / RFI evaluation

An overview of evaluating RFP / RFI responses using points scoring criteria, scorecards and software evaluation matrix. Click here for details.


RFP Scoring Guidelines

15 key guidelines for scoring IT software proposals / RFP’s, which you can use to ensure that your scoring is consistent and unbiased at this critical software selection stage. Click here for details.


Rating criteria for rfp

An overview of rating criteria which can be used in evaluating software RFP’s. Covers different types of scorings, scoring and weighting schemes. Click here for details.


More complex RFP scoring

A scoring scheme for more complex vendor RFP comments. Click here for details.

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