Payroll System Requirements Sample

from the ‘HR and Payroll RFI/RFP Template’

Use the RFI/RFP Template to invite software vendors to respond with their products and services which match your needs.

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HR and Payroll RFI/RFP Template: Employee Pay and Allowances - click here for details

Benefit from thousands of carefully researched  Payroll (and HR) functional requirements - to save you time and effort thinking these up from scratch.

Example: Completed Requirements Specification with vendor response (stating how their software meets your requirements), plus scoring of vendor response.

Requirements Specification and Business Analysis templates are in MS Excel. Separate RFI and RFP templates are in MS Word.

All are completely flexible and can be quickly amended as you require.

HR and Payroll RFI/RFP Template: e-Expenses - click here for details

Columns for:
- (C) criteria currently in use
- (W) importance weighting of future requirement
- Vendor response
- (S) scoring vendor response
- (WS) weighted score

Example of  the ‘Comparison of Evaluation Scores Chart’ - for a visual summary of evaluation scores.

Example: scoring of the software vendor responses. Various numerical ranges can be used - an easy-to-use scoring range is:
3 - requirement exceeded
2 - requirement fully met
1 - requirement partially met
0 - requirement not met

HR and Payroll RFI/RFP Template: Comparison of Evaluation Scores - click here for details

In this example, evaluation scores and evaluation weighted scores are better than target for the first three modules. But they are worse for next two modules - indicating that these do not meet requirements or may have problems and require further investigation.

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Find out more about the ‘HR and Payroll RFI/RFP Template’ - click the link below.

Find out more about the 'HR and Payroll RFI/RFP Template' - click here

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