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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

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RFI/RFP Template Questions


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RFI/RFP Template Questions

Q: Do you have country specific versions?
A: Yes, our Templates cover a number of countries as well as being general enough for use in all countries. The Templates are based on UK and general system requirements. However, the Accounting Templates also cover the USA and Canada. And the HR and Payroll Templates also cover the USA, Canada and Australia.

Q: Do you have industry specific versions?
A: The Templates cover all industries, rather than different versions for different industry sectors. Should you have very specialised industry requirements, this may be overcome by either you adding your specific requirements directly to your own copy, or us working with you (on a chargeable basis) to help you build your specification.

Q: I am unsure which version to order - both Essentials and Professional versions appear to be suitable?
A: As a general rule, if your business is growing, we recommend the version which caters for the larger number of criteria ie the Professional version. However, should you require advice, please email us at info@axia-consulting.co.uk.

Q: Can you provide one RFI/RFP Template plus a few modules (system requirements) from a second Template?
A: Yes, contact us and we can arrange this.

Q: We have one or more software product areas that we are interested in, which are not covered by your Templates. Is there any way we can add them?
A: Yes, as all Templates are fully amendable, you could add your specific requirements directly to your own copy. Or, we could work with you (on a chargeable basis) and research / add the specific software requirements.

Q: How accurate is the information in your Templates?
A: We make every effort to ensure the information in our Templates is accurate, by carrying out careful research and meticulous checking.

Q: How impartial are your RFI/RFP Templates?
A: Axia’s Templates are completely impartial. Axia does not operate a referral service and we do not receive any payment from any software vendor. We are only provide impartial tools, information and advice.

Q: We already use a similar RFI/RFP tool – should we consider an Axia Template?
A: It’s possible that an Axia Template may be more detailed or more relevant to your needs than what you currently use. As our Templates are covered by our money-back guarantee, you lose nothing by checking it out!

Q: Are there consultant versions of the Templates which can be used to support multiple clients / organisations?
A: At present, there are no consultant Template versions. Each Template is sold for a single company / organisation and it’s internal use only. Templates are protected by the Law of Copyright. Consultants who wish to use a Template for a number of clients should purchase additional copies or encourage each client to purchase their own copy.

Q: Our software selection process has already started – have we left it too late to use a Template?
A: No, our Templates are designed for use within many stages of a software selection process and it’s rarely too late to use a Template.


Support Questions

Q: What if we need support or help with a Template?
A: Email us at info@axia-consulting.co.uk. We’ll try to resolve any problems straight away and support your use of a Template.

Q: What if we need help with our software selection?
A: Contact us - we can tailor our consulting services to suit your needs and assist you with your software selection.


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