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Current trends

The continued growth of web-based and web-enabled CRM software and systems, including:

  • SaaS / Cloud computing - fully online CRM software
  • Hosted or combined online / on-premise CRM software services and systems (and the reduction of solely on-premise CRM software)
  • Web services, web support
  • Integration of CRM software with e-commerce systems
  • Social CRM and the ability to share information and communicate with customers / employees via social media
  • Integration of multiple social media products / social collaboration capabilities eg Facebook, Twitter, chat, blogs, news feeds, activity feeds and updates
  • Integration with mobile devices and facilitating full remote working eg with tablets, smart phones
  • Supporting multiple sales and customer support channels eg e-commerce, website, email, mobile, smart phone, social media


Non-web CRM software trends - continued growth of:

  • Automation of marketing, sales, sales order, customer support and workflow
  • Functionality and features added to CRM software
  • Software scalability
  • Improving analytics, business intelligence and reporting
  • CRM software integration with ERP, Accounting software, Outlook, office products
  • Integration with other 3rd party products
  • Increased user productivity
  • Reducing costs of ownership and faster implementation from using SaaS CRM


CRM software market trends - continued growth of:

  • Competition, especially in the mid-range and the enterprise CRM software market
  • Vendor consolidation


For a list of the essential criterion for good CRM software visit: CRM Software Criteria

Or, if you are about to select new CRM software and need to specify a full list of requirements, then visit the CRM Software RFI/RFP Template which lists thousands of criteria.

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