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CRM Software Criteria


Below is a list of the essential criterion for good CRM software. If you are about to select new CRM software and need to specify a full list of requirements, then visit the CRM Software RFI/RFP Template which lists thousands of criteria.


Good CRM software should:

1.  Have high functionality

2.  Have the functions included within the software, rather than as add-ons

3.  Perform the CRM functions:

  • required by your organisation
  • the vendor claims the CRM software performs

4.  Provide the following CRM and system wide functions (depending upon your requirements)

  • Market Research:
    • support multiple types of market research information and intelligence
    • off-line and web-based questionnaires / surveys
    • competitor tracking
  • Marketing:
    • marketing campaign design and planning
    • campaign / prospect list generation
    • personalised campaigns
    • campaign execution and management
    • campaign project and task management
    • support multiple marketing methods eg email, social media, telemarketing, direct mail, event and trade promotion marketing
    • budget and revenue tracking
    • real-time campaign analysis and response tracking 
  • Sales:
    • sales strategies
    • territory management
    • account configuration
    • contact information and contact management automation
    • integration with 3rd party contact management systems
    • support multiple sales process stages eg prospecting, opportunity management, lead routing, pipeline management, activity management
    • support multiple sales methods eg team selling, website sales, mobile / field sales, channel partners
    • sales forecasting and business planning
    • multimedia reference library and literature / information requests
    • sales incentives and commissions
    • sales process scripts
  • Sales order processing
    • proposal management
    • quotation management
    • prices, cross-selling and up-selling
    • contract management
    • order processing
    • order fulfilment, product configuration and delivery
    • invoicing
    • customer portal and website integration
    • customer self service and electronic payments
  • Customer support:
    • account and contact management
    • support management
    • ticket management and escalation
    • product returns and tracking
    • defect tracking
    • quality and change requests
    • knowledgebase of common product / defect / procedural problems and solutions
    • customer support portal
  • Field and service management
    • warranty management
    • service management
    • service call logging
    • schedule optimisation and despatch service requests / engineers
    • problem resolution and solution management
    • call progressing and escalation
    • preventative maintenance
    • service / mobile parts management
    • repair management
  • Contact centre
    • omni channel, multi-role contact centres
    • information management
    • telephone call management
    • email response management
    • customer self-service
  • System wide functionality:
    • SaaS or on-premise
    • workflow
    • alerts
    • social media
    • ESS (employee self service) / MSS (manager self service)
    • employee portal
    • multi company, country and currency
    • support multiple Windows versions

5.  Be a fully 'open system'

6.  Be written in a widely used programming language

7.  Be fully integrated, or easily / seamlessly integrated with other relevant systems (if stand alone modules)

8.  Provide links to other systems eg distribution, manufacturing, desktop software

9.  Have the scope to grow with the business

10. Be flexible to accommodate changing user or business requirements

11. Support good CRM practice


Good CRM software management information includes:

12. Full online enquiry and drill down / around capability

13. Multiple search and select facilities

14. A suite of ready-to-use standard CRM system reports / enquiries

15. Standard reports that can be tailored to the user requirements, saved and then reused when required

16. Interactive graphics

17. Reporting across modules

18. Easy to use, flexible report writer either within the CRM software or provided by third party software

19. Advanced analytics and business intelligence tools eg

  • analytical system
  • dashboards
  • data visualization
  • self service
  • mobile business intelligence
  • enterprise search
  • balanced scorecards
  • business activity monitoring
  • predictive analytics
  • forecasts
  • decision support
  • data mining
  • OLAP
  • data warehouse


For additional ‘key software criteria’ visit: Software efficiency criteria / Vendor criteria or for the latest CRM software trends visit: CRM software trends

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