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CRM RFI/RFP Template

What’s changed in this version?

As well as bringing the software functional requirements up-to-date, the CRM RFI/RFP Template has undergone a major upgrade to enhance its capability, and make it quicker and easier to use.

The main enhancements include:

  • An upgraded and enhanced multi-purpose Requirements Template (MS Excel) with sections for requirements specification, vendor responses and matrices for evaluation, scoring, costs and analysis of vendor responses.
  • A new separate, optional to use, Charts Template (MS Excel) for comparing the response evaluation scores of up to 4 vendor responses. The Charts Template and Requirements Templates are linked templates.
  • Separate, easy-to-amend RFI and RFP Templates (MS Word), to save time creating your own RFI and RFP.
  • Improved CRM system Business Analysis Template (MS Excel), to better understand your current situation and collect more information.
  • Full instructions and tips for selecting your new CRM software.

Automatically calculated analyses within the Requirements Template include:

  • Vendor Response Analysis - analyses how a vendor responds to your requirements - both as a count and as a percentage %.
  • Scores Analysis - total and module scores for Average Score, Evaluated Weighted Score (WS), Target WS, Difference WS, Difference WS %. Identify whether a vendor meets your requirements in total and for each module.
  • Cost Comparison - compares vendor purchase and SaaS costs over 3 and 5 years.
  • Cost-Score Ratio (also called price-quality ratio or lowest cost quotient) - compares purchase and SaaS options over 3 and 5 years
  • Progress tracking of scoring vendor responses by your evaluators - by both completed scorings and outstanding scorings.


Date published - March 2017

Author - Axia Consulting Ltd

Format - Microsoft Excel / Word 2010, Microsoft Windows 10 format

CRM RFI/RFP Templates work in all versions of MS Excel / Word from 2010 to 2016 / Office 365 and Windows 10.

The minimum recommended system requirements are 2 MB free disk space, MS Excel / Word 2010 or later versions, MS Windows 10.

File sizes

CRM Software RFI/RFP Template components:

File Format

Essentials Version

Professional Version

1. Instructions


0.3 MB

0.3 MB

2. RFI Template


0.1 MB

0.1 MB

3. RFP Template


0.1 MB

0.1 MB

4. Business Analysis Template


0.1 MB

0.1 MB

5. Charts Template


0.1 MB

0.1 MB

6. Requirements Template


0.5 MB

0.6 MB

Combined .zip file of the above 6 files


0.9 MB

1.0 MB

Delivery - straight to your in-box

Receive an email immediately after purchase, which has links for you to download your copy* and print a receipt. (*) Zip file containing compressed Excel / Word / PDF files. NB: zip files may require ‘WinZip’ from

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