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Criteria used to select a Software Vendor

The essential services of a good software vendor

Below is a list of the top 30 essential services that a good software vendor should provide. If you are about to select new business software such as Accounting, BI, CRM, Payroll or HR and need to specify a full list of services, then visit the Software RFI/RFP Templates for more details.


Good maintenance and support should include:

1.  Full or multiple levels of software support and maintenance

2.  A Service Level Agreement with escalation procedures

3.  Support for your organisation, in your geographical location

4.  Web based support portal eg with online fault / query submission, download fixes / product information

5.  Help desk telephone support

6.  Responding to queries / faults within the quoted time scales

7.  Providing fixes to repair faults

8.  Regularly (annually) releasing functional / legislative software upgrade(s)

9.  Easy upgrade paths

10. Provision for Software Escrow


Good implementation assistance should include:

11. Initial user / familiarisation training

12. Software / system installation

13. Project management services

14. Business / system analysis

15. System tailoring and testing

16. Report development

17. Data take-on / conversion

18. Consultancy services


Good user training should include:

19. Flexible training courses such as:

  • open courses
  • bespoke / configurable user training, either on or off-site

20. Training courses via the internet, webcasts, video, or training manuals

21. User documentation that is:

  • clear and easy to read
  • indexed and cross referenced
  • and contains details of output screens, reports, system commands, error messages and corrective actions

22. Documentation that explains how the software should be:

  • implemented
  • used and controlled


Good vendor / support organisation expertise and reputation should include:

23. Accredited products eg ISO 9001

24. A financially sound and stable business, with clean audits of annual accounts

25. Good status and reputation with the software they are providing

26. A number of staff with the required expertise, to assist with implementation, provide maintenance and support and to develop future enhancements / new versions

27. A number of current users / customers who find the software satisfactory for their purposes

28. A number of users / customers who offer potential client reference site visits / enquiries

29. An ongoing / continual software improvement and development programme

30. Future software development plans that are in-line with your future needs


For additional ‘key software criteria’ visit: software efficiency criteria or

For software specific criteria, visit: Accounting software criteria / CRM software criteria / HR software criteria / Payroll software criteria

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