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Current trends

The continued growth of web-based and web-enabled Payroll software and systems, including:

  • SaaS / Cloud computing - fully online Payroll software
  • Hosted or combined online / on-premise Payroll software services and systems
  • ESS (Employee Self Service) within Payroll software eg to view pay and tax history, and view / amend personal data, benefit details, bank account details
  • e-payslips / pay stubs
  • Web interfaces and mobile apps eg for time recording, e-expenses
  • Workflow functionality integrated within Payroll software
  • Improving reporting, analytics and business intelligence
  • Electronic tax filing eg for payroll returns


Non-web Payroll software trends - continued growth of:

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Integration of Payroll software and Human Resource software
  • Integration with Time and Attendance (time recording and tracking of employee hours)
  • Globalisation with Payroll software capable of handing international payrolls
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) / direct deposit into employee bank accounts (and reduction of cheque payments)
  • Payroll debit cards for employees without bank accounts
  • Improving payroll efficiency


Payroll market trends - continued growth of:

  • Outsourcing Payroll software and services to SaaS, bureau or other outsourcing providers
  • Competition in the Payroll software market
  • Vendor consolidation


For a list of the top 15 essential criterion for good payroll software visit: Payroll Software Criteria

Or, if you are about to select new payroll software and need to specify a full list of requirements, then visit the Payroll Software RFI/RFP Template which lists thousands of criteria.


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