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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

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General questions

Q: How impartial are your RFI/RFP Templates?
A: Axia’s Templates are completely impartial. Axia does not operate a referral service and we do not receive any payment from any software vendor. As such, we have no vested interest in the software solution you ultimately select. We are only concerned with giving you impartial information and knowledge for a successful software selection.

Q: Why should I spend GBP 100 or more, on a tool to help me select new software?
A: The process of selecting new Accounting, Business Intelligence, CRM, HR or Payroll software can be very time consuming and frustrating. Axia’s Templates follow a structured methodology and will significantly reduce the time it takes for the whole selection process. If you compare the value of time saved for those involved within your organisation with the cost of a Template, you will see your investment paid back many times over.

Q: Our software selection process has started and we’re already talking to vendors – have we left it too late to use a Template?
A: Not at all. Our Templates are used within many stages of a selection process and even within implementation stages eg to flesh out detailed requirements prior to configuring and testing. Other organisations use our Templates to check that they have included all their requirements within their new system specification. It’s rarely too late to use a Template in the software selection process.

Q: What will you do with our (confidential) personal information?
A: Axia is committed to protecting your privacy. We only use your information to process your order and provide impartial consulting advice/services. We will not share, rent, sell or give away your personal information. For full details, please visit our Privacy Policy.

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Template content questions

Q: How accurate is the information in your Templates?
A: We make every effort to make sure the information in our Templates is accurate, by carrying out careful and meticulous research and checking.

Q: We have one or more software product areas that we are interested in, which are not covered by your Templates. Is there any way we can add them?
A: Yes, there are two ways new software product areas can be added to our Templates. Firstly, as all Templates are fully amendable, you could add your specific requirements directly to your own copy. Alternatively, we could work with you and / or independently research software (that you are interested in) and add these areas to your requirements and our future Template releases, but this work would have to be chargeable.

Q: Do you have industry specific versions of your Templates?
A: The Templates cover Accounting, Business Intelligence, CRM, HR and Payroll across all industries rather than addressing specific industry sectors. Should you have very specific industry requirements, this may be overcome by either you adding your specific requirements directly to your own copy, or us working with you (on a chargeable basis) to help you build your specification.

Q: Do you have country specific versions of your Templates?
A: Yes, our Templates cover a number of specific countries as well as being general enough for use in all countries. The Templates are based on UK and general system requirements. However, the Accounting Templates also cover the USA, Canada, UK specific requirements and general accounting requirements. And the HR and Payroll Templates cover the USA, Canada, UK and Australia specific requirements and general HR payroll requirements.

Q: I am unsure which Accounting Template to order - both Essentials and Professional versions appear to be suitable?
A: As a general rule, if your business is growing, we would recommend the version which caters for the larger number of criteria ie the Professional version. However, should you have queries regarding your specific situation and require further advice, please email us at info@axia-consulting.co.uk.

Q: Are the contents of the two individual HR and Payroll Templates the same as the combined HR Payroll Template?
A: Yes, the contents of the two individual HR and Payroll Templates together are the same as the combined HR Payroll Template. The difference in the total number of criteria is due to including common requirements across all modules, systems operations, technology requirements and system support requirements. They are included in both the individual HR and Payroll Templates but only once in the combined HR Payroll Template.

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Template user questions

Q: How do I amend the Template to my requirements?
A: The Templates are available in MS Excel / Word 97-2003 format and work in all MS Excel / Word versions from 97-2003 through to 2016. (NB: The CRM Template is only available in MS Excel / Word 2010 format). All details may be easily changed, as in any Excel spreadsheet or Word document. Additional business requirements may be added, changes made and details not needed deleted. The spreadsheet worksheets are completely flexible ie rows and columns may be resized and worksheets may be added or deleted. The spreadsheets use simple Excel calculations (addition, multiplication, count, sum etc) to calculate weighted scores, sub totals and totals. Calculations may be easily changed as required.

Q: What if we need help with a Template or with the software selection process?
A: No problem – just call us on +44 (0)1634 868894 or email us at info@axia-consulting.co.uk We’ll try to resolve any problems straight away and will support your use of our Template. If you need more extensive or project help, we can tailor our consulting services to suit your needs and assist your software selection process.

Q: Should I base my software purchase decision solely on vendor responses from the RFI/RFP Templates?
A: Vendor responses from the RFI/RFP Templates are an important element in the decision and can also be used to assist other stages in the overall selection process eg meeting software vendors, reviewing software demonstrations, discussing specific software capabilities, prototyping, visiting reference sites. Ultimately, we would expect a software purchase decision to be based on a number of factors.

Q: What if I don't like your product?
A: We offer all our customers a full money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, simply email us confirming you have deleted all copies (or return the CD) within 60 days and we will give you a full refund on the spot or cancel your invoice, no questions.

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Consultant Questions

Q: I only recommend / work with software products I know, so how can your Template help me?
A: The Templates can help you to quickly define your client’s needs in detail, so you can still provide an excellent service even when you are up against tight time constraints. They allow you to quickly prepare and issue your RFI and RFP, compare vendor results in a standard format that is easy for the client to understand and hence make the optimum decisions. By using Axia’s Templates, you may also be able to expand your range of services offered and / or the number of clients you serve.

Q: We already use a similar RFI/RFP tool – so why should we consider an Axia Template?
A: If you believe that your clients deserve the best service you can give, you owe it to them to review every tool and technique available. It’s possible that Axia Templates may be more detailed or more relevant to specific clients or needs than what you currently use! If not, our Templates are covered by our money-back guarantee. If it is the case however, you will have done your clients a favour by considering other tools.

Q: Are there consultant versions of the Templates which can be used to support multiple clients / organisations?
A: At present, there are no consultant Template versions. Each Template is sold for a single company / organisation and it’s internal use only. Templates are protected by the Law of Copyright. Consultants who wish to use a Template for a number of clients should purchase additional copies or encourage each client to purchase their own copy.

Q: Can your Templates be used as a training tool or for educational needs?
A: Yes, Axia Templates are excellent training tools for people wanting to learn about Accounting, Business Intelligence, CRM, HR and Payroll software. The combination of self study and hands on use (even if only creating a trial RFI/RFP) will give the user a thorough understanding of these systems and the software selection process.

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