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CRM RFI/RFP Template

CRM RFI/RFP Template: Request for Proposal Template

Request for Proposal Template

CRM RFI/RFP Template: Marketing

RFP Requirement Specification - Marketing Requirements

CRM RFI/RFP Template: Sales

RFP Requirement Specification - Sales / Opportunity Management Requirements

CRM RFI/RFP Template: Sales Order - Quotation Management

Revised format templates - for ease and speed of use.

Separate worksheets for Instructions, Business Analysis, RFI Template, RFP Template, RFP Requirement Specification, RFP TOC and RFP Scores.

Click tabs to access each worksheet.

Request For Proposal Template (left) - just fill in the blanks and / or configure as required.

The RFI Template (not shown) is a similar format, for you to fill in the blanks and configure as required.

Use the Instructions and Software Selection Overview to guide you through your software selection process.

Use the RFI / RFP templates to invite software vendors to respond with their products and services that match your needs.

Use the RFP Requirement Specification (left) to list your functional requirements and use the additional columns for stating:
- (C) criteria currently in use
- (W) importance weighting of a future requirement
- Vendor response to your requirements
- (S) your scoring of the vendor response
- (WS) weighted score (automatically calculated)

Benefit from thousands of carefully researched functional requirements covering all areas of your CRM software - to save you time and effort thinking these up from scratch.

Configure your functional requirements to your precise needs.

Add, delete or amend  as necessary. Or even change the layout - you have complete flexibility.

RFP Requirement Specification - Sales Order / Quotation Management Requirements

CRM RFI/RFP Checklist: Sales Specification

RFP Requirement Specification - with example sales / pipeline management requirements specified

CRM RFI/RFP Template: Customer Support

RFP Requirement Specification - with example vendor response to customer support requirements, scoring and weighted scoring

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Example of currently in use (C) column, amended
with (Y) to note functions which are currently used.

Example of importance weighting (W) or priority for each future requirement. Various numerical ranges can be used, however, an easy-to-use range is:

4 - a mandatory requirement
3 - an essential requirement
2 - a desirable requirement
1 - a nice to have requirement
0 - not needed

Example of a vendor response, stating how their software / version meets your requirements.

Example of evaluation and scoring (S) of the software vendor responses. Various numerical ranges can be used, however, an easy-to-use scoring range is:

3 - requirement exceeded
2 - requirement fully met
1 - requirement partially met
0 - requirement not met

Example of weighted scores (W x S = WS).

Use these and summarised scores / chart on the ‘RFP Scores’ worksheet to compare results and different software / vendor solutions.

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